How to market your trucking company online - digital marketing 101

06 Nov 2019

Whether it's retaining existing customers or bringing in new business, marketing starts with identifying who your target audience is.

If you own a trucking business, it is imperative that you put yourself out there online and cater to your established target audience. So if you're looking to grow your business or hire new drivers, follow these tips to jump-start your digital marketing efforts:

Invest in SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process by which you position your company website (through matching keyword hits, meta tags, backlinks, and other technical + not so technical stuff) so that your company website ranks highest on relevant google searches. So if you're a flatbed heavy haul provider in the Dallas Forth Worth area, you should try to be as close to the top of the list when someone googles "Fladbed heavy haul provider in Dallas Forth Worth area". Note that keywords are always harder to rank the more generic the words are. Consult with a professional or our team on how to best proceed.

Google My Business (GMB) Account

If you don't already have one, setting up a google business account can tremendously supplement your SEO efforts as well as instill immediate trust among web searchers with little to no effort on your part. First, go to and create a business account. To complete your listing, they'll send you a paper code in the mail for you to enter into your account to confirm your physical address. From there, get a few of your best drivers and customers to write positive, keyword-rich reviews on your behalf:

  • BAD Example: "<MotorCarrier Inc.> did an amazing job. Would hire them again"

  • GOOD Example: "<MotorCarrier Inc.> saved our butts numerous times by not only providing last minute expedite services of our produce loads from Seattle to Chicago, but also equipping us with diesel-based drop reefers when our chill dock ran out of space"

Here we see keywords, "expedite services", "Seattle", "Chicago", "diesel-based", "Drop", "Reefers", "Chill Dock"...You feel me? Much like normal website results, Google will boost your Google business listing depending on your keyword matches.

But even without that SEO boost, the best part about having a google business account is that it only takes one 5 star review and boom: your company is listed as 5 stars and immediately builds trust.

Set up a facebook account

If you haven't already done so, setting up a facebook account is a great way to grow both for driver recruiting and for substantiating your word of mouth growth. It's also a way to ensure trust in your company through real user reviews and content generation

Get on Linkedin

Most procurement and transportation managers look to linkedin to prospect on new RFP's and spot opportunities outside of loadboards. Get on their, build your network (connect with everyone you deem relevant), then proactively message key decision makers and start creating content that gets you in front of peoples' faces through feeds. There are also loadboard and professional groups you can join as well.

Loadboard yourself

Use loadboards like DAT or with caution. If you're in the spot quoting business, great. But if you're looking to build meaningful long-term relationships, make yourself available to only trusted brokers and shippers. Shippers are obviously ideal candidates as they offer direct access to goods.


Desperate for business? It's not too far fetched to see yourself supporting local and international moves through Craigslist if you hold the necessary qualifications. Craiglist can also be a great place for emergency driver recruiting

Marketing campaigns

Use tools such as surveymonkey to engage your existing customers and prospective leads. These leads can be found through searches online or through individuals you've worked with in the past

All of these tools, when used together, can help bolster your online presence and create the credibility needed to win big deals or recruit top drivers